I survived my first day home alone with the kids.  Thankfully it was a day we didn’t have anywhere to go.  I felt rather accomplished when Jason walked through the door, the house wasn’t trashed, dinner was in the crockpot, no one was screaming and I even managed to do some laundry and the dishes.  That first day may have set the bar just a little bit too high, because today is day 2 and it looks absolutely nothing like day 1.  We had an early morning midwife appointment that meant I had to get up at 6 to be out the door by 8:30 with the 3 of the 4.  The house is currently trashed, I haven’t managed to even think about dinner, dishes or laundry and currently 2 of the 3 presently are fighting.  My current mode of coping is nursing Jonah on the front porch while letting the bigger ones ride their bikes and play in the sunshine.

And speaking of riding bikes, take a look at this.  This is BIG NEWS at our house!!  We bought this bike for Taryn almost 3 years ago and its been a struggle to get her on it.  Mastering balance and riding a bike was one of the biggest issues we hoped to resolve in physical therapy.  Our insurance is no longer covering her PT (long story) but we have been working with her at home to help build up her core strength.  This has been such a long time coming, that actually seeing her accomplish this, made me cry.  I am SO PROUD of my girl.  Some really seemingly simple things that come easily for other kids have not come easy for her and I’m so proud of how hard she’s worked.  Be sure to turn up the volume before you hit play, it’s worth it. If you can’t hear it she says “BETTER WATCH OUT FOR BIKE GIRL, WOOOOHOOOO!”