Meet Anders. Oh man I just want to pinch those cheeks. It’s ok.  Admit it.  You want to pinch them too huh?

Oh the chins.  The sweet, fabulous, I had to pull him aside for just a few snaps, couldn’t resist them, chins…..

He is the adorable nephew of Alex and attended the session I did when they were all in Austin.  Anders and his family traveled all the way to Austin from Spokane, Washington for the benefit.  His mom and I got to chatting during the session and it turns out that we have someone in common.  Way back when Jase and I got engaged, we did a lot of wedding planning online because we chose to have a destination wedding in Hawaii.  I befriended another Hawaii destination wedding bride as we were getting married around the same time.  That was, oh, 2002-3’ish I think.  Well, we both got married, and both had babies right after our weddings, her oldest and Taryn are just a few months apart.  At the time, she worked in HR and I worked as a VA Certifying Official for a University.  We are now both photographers and Anders and his adorable family are clients of hers.  Crazy huh?  What are the odds?  So here we are, waving “hiiiiiiii” to Jaidean in Spokane!!