Help me, not the turkey LOL!  Ok, so I’m on call 24/7 right now anticipating two new babies (I LOVE photographing births and seriously can’t wait to get the calls!)….but, this also means that we won’t be traveling for Thanksgiving this year.  So, I have to cook a turkey.  I think I’ve cooked one once.  Ok, twice if you count the year after Katrina and we ate microwave turkey frozen dinners in the FEMA trailer.  That probably doesn’t count though huh?

So….how do you cook your turkey???  I’m a pretty decent cook, I can hold my own, but we usually have Thanksgiving with family, so bird duty rarely falls on me.  I bought a 16 lb. bird and it’s defrosting in our fridge.  Now what?!  If it was just us, I’d probably wing it….but….we’re having friends over for the holiday too so I’d like it to at least be edible!  Tips, advice?  What do you do to your turkey to make it yummmm???

Oh and that cute little guy up there, he was handcrafted by Little T and her Daddy.  These will be at each place setting at the table.  They’ve been working on them for weeks, so cute!  They did it all themselves, just the two of them.  Love that.