JoJo doing his school work outside.  We have been hanging out in the heart of Amish country this week.  I am so intrigued by their simplicity, the way they walk in stride with nature and embrace it instead of fight it.  I have a deep desire to photograph the beauty of the simplicity here but also understand their preference to not be photographed.  Oh what an amazing story it’d be to tell through photos.  So I haven’t picked my camera up much this week.  We love it here.  The rolling hills, abundant farmland, healthy fresh food and handmade products everywhere.  Today we took the kids to a knife store, ran a bunch of errands, explored a few Amish shops and spent a really long time looking for beer!  Tomorrow we move to a different campground a bit north.

ps – I really loved all the grass in this site after weeks of mud, dirt, sticker burs, sand and sharp gravel.