Feb 18, 2008
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It was a little weird pulling out the backdrop the other day, just because I seldom do the traditional stuff anymore, especially at home!  But something about a naked baby cries out for a simple backdrop and I figured I’d do it while my mom is here and able to help me set up the equipment, etc.  I must admit, that as much as I love these, I’m still drawn to the more casual, at home, real life shots….so many more of those coming soon!

And a rare occurrence, me in front of the camera.  Jase caught this one of Teagan and I…


Teagan looks so tiny in Jason’s hands



As I was taking the shot of his little feet above, I noticed him looking right at me with this funny little lovable face….


At just two frames later he decided to chow down on daddy’s finger LOL!  Funny baby =)


Thanks for stopping in and all your wonderful comments!!

  • Tina

    How sweet! In the funny face photo I can see a resemblence to Ty in little Teagan!

  • Autumn

    Wow…I didn’t think it was possible for a family to be so beautiful, but you’ve pulled it off! 🙂 Seriously, your pictures are just amazing, and your new little one is just as gorgeous as the other 2 T’s! Congratulations to you and your family, and I look forward to watching another one grow infront of your camera! (Oh-and stop by the nest HI board sometime and make your announcement! 🙂 I’m sure everybody would love to see/hear what’s up!)

  • Thank you so much for sharing all of the wonderful pics of your new little man and happy little family. I look forward to checking in on you guys pretty often each night after I tuck my own little one into bed 🙂

  • Aww Lindsey, these photos are beautiful. Just perfect in every way.

  • Shey

    So cute! I love checking your blog for the adorable baby fix of the day! 🙂 I love the one of you two – so sweet.

  • Jessie

    So precious! I love coming to your blog and looking at your photos.

  • Megan

    You should have a baby more often…I am loving all of these amazing photos of the little guy! :o)

  • He is absolutely beautiful. Our son is 7 weeks old, and I can’t believe how much bigger he seems. I know he was just this little. I wanted so many shots like these of him, but I resorted to the awful point and shoot and just trying to catch him. I truly need to do some more work!! You do phenominal work, with every photo you take!! And these are no exception!!

  • Meghan

    Teagan was so worth the burrito fight, wasnt he? 😉

    So adorable. You are STILL my hero for the burrito fight. Hope all is well!