Have you guys seen what Fresh Art Photography is doing to raise up women?  It started out here.  And then turned in to this.  And I love it.  As women we are so hard on ourselves and it’s always amazing at how other people, especially the ones we love the most, see us differently than we see ourselves.  And as much as I encourage my client and friends and family to get in front of the camera so they can be seen and loved, it is hard for me to follow my own advice.  For a long time I dished out that advice but thought the rule didn’t apply to me.  Nah, I knew it did, I just ignored it.  But I’ve gotten better about it.  Having amazing photographer friends (like Jod and Michele and Sara and Teri) around to photograph me with my family helps a ton.  I know that what my family sees is a wife and mother and the person they love, I know that, but it’s still hard for me to be on the other side of the camera.  But I do it.  So can you.

Anyway, the other night I was messing around with Jodie and submitted this photo for her Fresh Reflections blog….


For some reason she didn’t want it and ignored my request, can’t imagine why?!?!

Instead she replied, cashed in on a favor I owe her and made me send her a real one.  I’m not sure what I got myself into, I’m a little scared, but you can check it out here.  Thanks Sara for letting us use your photo!!  And thank you to Jodie & Kim for finding the beauty in the women around you.

This reminds me that I never came back and shared all my favorite shots Sara took of my fam before Christmas….I’ll do that this week!