Three days and our dynamic will change.  Ty will be out of school (wahoo!!) on Friday, all three kids will be home this summer, we’ll shuffle them around to different places at different times, new activities, summer camps, t-ball, football (sometimes twice a day!!).  And then at the end of summer, Ty and Taryn will both be in school.  My days of just Taryn and Teagan at home…..I only have 3 of those left.  And then just like that….change.  Tuesdays are my days we don’t have to go anywhere, we can stay home and paint and draw and bake cookies and read and snuggle on the couch in our PJ’s all day if we want.  My only day of the week we don’t have to run all over the place.  Of course I am counting the seconds until Ty is out of school, I can’t wait and Taryn and Teagan are THRILLED he’ll be home every day.  And this is not to say we won’t do these things with Ty home…we do, but the dynamic will be different.  I’ve been afraid to talk about it and jinx it…..but….over the last 2 months Taryn and Teagan have finally decided they like one another.  Really like one another.  Including sweet moments, spontaneous hugs, quietly playing together, things I’ve never seen them do on their own.  Taryn has always been a little ambivalent when it comes to Teagan, she’s been less than thrilled since the day we brought him home.  And yes, if you click on that link it IS funny, but after over 2 years of my days filled with it, trust me, it gets old fast.  And quite honestly, after 2 years, I pretty much gave up hope that things were ever going to change, even with endless encouragement (and a few tears on my part).  The first day that I noticed a change, we picked up Taryn from school and they ran toward each other with big hugs and smiles.  I just stood there in shock and tears sprung to my eyes out of nowhere.  I always have pangs of jealousy when I see other toddler siblings loving on each other like that, genuine affection and appreciation of one another.  I secretly wished they, and I, could have that too.  And then all of a sudden there it was.  And it was awesome.  I get to see them love on Ty constantly, they absolutely adore him, and he them, but to see them love on each other without encouragement or request, was, just wow.  I would come home and tell Jason “you have to do pickup one day, you HAVE to see this”…but then it trickled home.  Slowly, more and more, they started to really like and appreciate one another.  I’ve been embracing it and soaking it in on the outskirts of their new dynamic just in case it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.  I’ve been afraid to capture it, acknowledge it or do anything that might disrupt the balance because I LOVE it.  I love that she talks about all the funny things he does before she closes her eyes to go to sleep.  Her eyes light up when he makes her laugh.  I love that he runs into her class three days a week and yells “I go get TTTTTTTTTT” and then throws his arms around her the second he sees her.  I love that they sit together and cuddle without fighting and give kisses.  I love that he goes looking for her straight from waking up from his nap saying “I want T” still half asleep.  And I love that they do it all without loosing that spark and fierce competition they have with each other.  And even though I’m really looking forward to summer being here, I’m afraid that having Ty home with change it all a little bit.  He is each of their respective favorite, without a doubt.  I can’t really blame them, he can reach the juice boxes and turn on the tv.  But balance with 3 at home, is a delicate thing.  I’m afraid of the change.  I see it before me…having my 2 toddlers at home…and kindergarten looms…come fall it will be just Teagan and I.  My last two toddler only fun filled Tuesday.  While all my work and sessions and editing and emails are staring at me, today I am turning the computer off and I’m off to enjoy it!