I did a 365 Project a few years ago and looking back, I cherish each and every image.  Then I got pregnant with Jonah and fell off the wagon.  I picked it up here and there – but I’m going to be brave and jump in again for 2014.  I’m excited!  Even if I don’t hit every day, these images will be invaluable.  They are our every day, our life, our details.

I’m calling this post Day Zero because it was technically taken on New Years Eve, 2014.  It was a spontaneous capture during our NYE party at home.  Jonah found my bible and put it on the little white kids table, pointing at verses and turning the pages.  The blur in the foreground is a big plate of salad.  Two things I need more of in the new year, Jesus and salad.  Ha.  Perfect.  Somewhat related, the other day I spotted Jonah sitting at Jude’s desk, turning the pages of his bible saying “this too long, this story too long, too long, too long” with each turn of the page.  We all had a good laugh watching him.  Funny baby.

365, let’s go!