This one started 2015 with a bang.  To the head.  So scary.  Not how we planned on starting the new year. Jude and Jonah had a collision and Jonah hit his head hard on the floor. When Jason picked him up he went stiff, stopped crying, his hands extended and he was unresponsive. Similar to a seizure, but not. Jase eased him to the floor and we called 911, so scary. One ambulance ride and ER visit later, he’s fine. Active, busy, chatting up a storm. ER doctor says that it’s unlikely it was a seizure, just too many neurons firing at once from the fall. Better safe than sorry bringing him in. Way to scare us kid. Whew. Thanking God for watching over Jonah today. And we got that little (big) pesky thing called a health insurance deductible out of the way on the first day of the year.