Loss. In some ways it’d be easier to hide away. To grieve privately. To feel broken and struggling in the shadows. The truth is, most probably wouldn’t notice or see the pain if we didn’t say it out loud. I’ve found strength in women who share their own losses with grace and understanding. We saw the heart beating that last day, but knew it would stop soon, we came home and prayed for a miracle that was not in His plan. This baby was loved. I wanted our baby to feel that, and not my pain or fear, when death arrived. This baby was cherished. Anticipated. They all were. This is our third loss this year. This one was further along, we were so very hopeful this time. We are finding comfort in the Lord and holding on tight to one another. He has a purpose. I can lay my pain and fear and struggles at His feet and I’m so very thankful for that. We will continue to trust Him and praise Him through this storm.

Note: I tried so hard to keep up with my 365 Project during the first trimester, but really struggled to not miss any days. I did miss a few both before and after the miscarriage. I’m giving myself some grace to continue on with the project even though it will be incomplete.