I am completely and totally in love with this sweet little face.  Our first night together I let his completely exhausted daddy sleep while I road the waves of adrenaline and hormones running through my system.  I snuggled and cuddled my new little man doing skin to skin to keep his temps up.  It was perfect.  I knew when the sun came up that I’d have a whole lot of people to share him with.  And don’t you know, my usual after noon riser, Ty, was first in line, walking through my bedroom door at 8 am calling dibs.  I was confused and thought for sure my clock must be wrong to see him up so early!  He was followed by a long and steady line of Stradtners ready to snuggle and bond.  Uncle Scott came to visit, Jason’s mom was here late the night Jonah was born the kids were thrilled to wake up and find her here.  Jonah even had his first chiropractic adjustment at just 22 hours old.  And Lisa came by from Hill Country Placenta to start the encapsulation process.  Jonah broke out in a rash early in the day and it continued to change as the day went on, likely flushing the hormones.  A little coconut oil and he’s doing a lot better, it is almost completely gone.  He had a full day of nursing and had really bad gas.  Our awesome midwife fixed that with some almond oil as a carrier and then some peppermint oil on the bottom of his feet.  Voile!  Happy baby.  I was worried about his latch and thinking I was causing it but Heather hopped in her car and came to check on us.  I was, again, overwhelmed with her care for our family.  I was overwhelmed from having a screaming baby in pain and it just melted away once he was happy and pain free again. As Teagan Jude says, it’s so fun to get to know a new little stranger.