My friend Sarah and her family traveled to Austin in the fall for this session and I just have to share the words she shared when she saw her sneak peek:

“This morning was challenging. Neither girl wanted to be photographed, neither one wanted to be held, or sit on a lap, or smile, or hug her sister, or wear shoes, or generally do anything to make our morning a little easier. Lyndsay reassured me the whole time, saying, “Chaos photographs really well.” She was right.”

I tell clients that alllll the time.  Cute with the perfect amount of chaos lets us see real personalities and that always photographs well.  So if your kids bring the chaos, don’t worry, that works for me!  And what feels like chaos to parents, feels totally normal to me.  I’ll soon have 5 kids and my life is pretty much all chaos, all the time.  I say bring it on!  Sarah and Royal, thanks for making the trip to Austin for your session, I loved seeing you guys again!