good for the soul right?  yup, here we go….

  • I’ve managed to get out of going to the grocery store for almost a month.   For some reason it has been landing on Jase.  Even if it means he goes late at night.  Like, really late.  I really should fix that situation but at the same time, it’s kind of nice not having to go with all the kids.
  • I only have one sock on.  This happens a lot.  No really, like, a lot.  I’m not sure how it happens, or when, but I usually realize it only when a member of our family is looking at my feet and laughing.  Quirky is cute right?
  • I have not purchased one.single.thing for Easter for my kids.  Haven’t even thought about it.  Need to get on that here pretty soon.  Or as Jase joked this morning, at least by Saturday night after they go to bed.
  • I have a firm belief that there are certain things in my home need to be white.  Sheets.  Towels.  Dishes.  Go ahead and add plastic hangers to this list.  The hubster bought colored hangers for the kids.  Every time I see one I cringe and make stinky face.  I’ve been coming up with ways I can smuggle them out of the house without anyone noticing.  But they will notice, they are all waiting for it.
  • My husband tells me the other night he came to bed, pulled the covers over a bit and I was none too happy about it.  Apparently, I may or may not have called him a few names.  Turns out taking my covers while I’m sleeping will get you a firm “knock it off jackass”.  Huh, who knew.  I’m still not sure this ever happened.  He’s tellin’ stories.  Yeah, that’s it.  All stories.
  • I never finished my March OPAM.  I’ve just been hoping no one noticed.  But I noticed.  And I feel guilty.  I did at least clean out part of it.  But the project is incomplete.
  • I have a crush.  I’ve got it bad.  He’s so dreamy.  Big blue eyes, sigh.  I’ve sat here at my computer the last few nights, gushing over him.  Ohhhhh’ing.  Ahhhhhh’ing.  Saying things like “ohhh, just look at him!” and “ahhhh, he’s soooo cute”.  My husband just grins.  The worst part, my crush, is a client.  I have no shame.  I’m so smitten….

There will be no whittling down of proofs.  My normal 25-30 number per session is tossed out the window.  Just so I can look at him, and gush, a little longer.