I knew I wanted to make a collage of my iphone pics at the end of the year.  thank you Michelle Nicoloff for this post, it totally inspired me 🙂

these moments would have been missed.  gone before i grabbed my camera.  too lazy to get up and go get it.  little blurbs.  little glimpses.  of my people, my loves.  these are the moments in my mind, even more so than the properly exposed and processed ones.  imperfect, real.  i got my iphone in july.  i love it.  i love that it forces me to accept the imperfections.  i not only accept them, i embrace them.  and i forgive myself for it.  maybe that is why so many people are fascinated with polaroids.  it gives us the freedom to let go of the rules and just allow that moment to be beautiful all on it’s own.  and that’s what i love about this.  our moments, captured and beautiful, in spite of me.

iphone yir