Today I am thankful for many things, my loving husband, our families, our health and our place in this world.  But there are so many little things that I am thankful for…..

And tonight I was reminded of one of them.  The love my children have for each other.  I can remember feeling guilty having Taryn, that it would no longer be just Ty.  Like in some way, I was taking time and attention away from him by having another child.  I’d always heard that love doesn’t divide with your children, it multiplies, but it didn’t hit home until Taryn arrived, and then I "got" it.  I knew I would love both of my children, but I was totally unprepared for how much they would love one another.  And how watching their love for each other would fill my heart in a way I never knew existed.  It still amazes me.  At times, like tonight at around 9:30 pm, it takes my breathe away.

After a long day of travel, grandparents and turkey, she crawled up on his lap for a quick snuggle after her bath….



and within seconds, she was out


It was the first time she’d ever fallen asleep snuggling with him and he loved every second of it.  I’m so thankful for both of them, but most of all, the way they love each other.