We are keeping with tradition.  It turns out that the last several generations on both sides of our family had one lone girl.  We are all still in a bit of shock, and we’ve known for over a month.  We were convinced this baby was a girl.  Intuition, all the old wives tales, my pregnancy symptoms, the chinese gender chart, the way I am carrying, two different pulse tests said girl, a random old foreign lady at the airport who worked in maternity for years said girl and scowled a firm no when I said boy.  Jason had the ultrasound tech check 3 times, just to be sure.  Poor little guy was called a she for the first 4 months.  I wanted more than anything to be team green.  We said the only reason we would find out is if Taryn wasn’t coping well with the idea of a boy, she desperately wants a baby sister.  As the pregnancy progressed, we knew we had to find out, she wasn’t coping well with that possibility.  It wasn’t about that we wanted to be surprised any more.  Jason reminded me, that moment I had built up in my mind of having our baby and the wonderful moment of hearing boy or girl for the first time, wouldn’t be the moment I was dreaming of if Taryn was upset.  He was right and I’m glad we decided to find out.  We did what was best for her.  It’s slowly sinking in, Taryn is coming to terms with never having a sister and we are beyond thrilled our baby is healthy and growing each day.  He will be here before we know it!  Boys rock!