this week has been a rough one.  all 3 kids seem to be tired, cranky, high maintenance, or at least, more so than usual.  taryn especially.  it’s been bad.  really bad.  she’s pulled everything to banging on the walls at naptime to throwing books, jumping off the furniture, screaming as loud as she can over every.little.thing.  meltdowns gallore.  flat out refuses to eat.  cannot sit still, which is really, really not like her.  i actually sat in our bedroom for a few minutes before jason left this morning and just cried.  knowing what was coming during the day.  and it did.  just totally overwhelmed.  and then jase had a lightbulb moment after my 3rd email about our day and discipline and wondering what in the world I’m doing wrong here.  her meds.  her doctor put her on some meds recently to help deal with her sleep apnea, her adenoids and swollen tonsils.  i don’t know if that has anything to do with what has been going on with her, but something has to give before we all loose our minds.  as i type this, i’m hiding away for a few moments while jase bathes taryn and then she’s going straight to bed after throwing pizza across the dining room at dinner.  is it totally wrong to want to hide until it’s quiet in the house?  please tell me other moms have days like this too, not that i would wish it on anyone.

anyway, as a result of our crazy week thus far, i haven’t kept good on my promise of photographing my own children.  someone commented earlier though about wanting to see teagan in his new bed.  so when i finally took down the crib this morning ( 🙁 ) i snapped a few of him in his bed.  he really does love it.  we bought it from IKEA and ended up chopping the legs off of it so it would be closer to the ground.  i think he’s pretty cute in his little boy bed with his pillow and favorite blankie….

alright, taryn came in to say goodnight.  we talked about why she is being sent to bed early, making good choices, consequences and being kind to others.  she then informed me she’s going to be bad tomorrow but will be good on tuesday.  of course tuesday just so happens to be her birthday.  lord help me.