1.  The big move.  I’ve been waiting to say anything about it until we told a few necessary people, first and foremost Jason’s employer (our families have known for awhile).  So where are we moving?  Austin, Texas!!  We are excited, nervous, anxious, just name an emotion and we’re there!  We’ve had a lot of time to think about it while rebuilding, we went for a visit earlier this year and loved it.  We’re closing on our house in Louisiana mid-October so we  should be in Texas by then.  I think it’s going to be a great place to raise our family, lots of young families, great neighborhoods, even better schools, tons of stuff to do.  We’ll be within driving distance of Jason’s parents, his brother will be 30 minutes away and an hour and a half plane ride from my mom.  We’ll be making a house hunting trip to Austin very soon, it’s exciting but hard to think about finding a home in ONE weekend!  Especially with a wish list as long as ours.  Thankfully we have to two good friends in Austin that have already been incredibily helpful, Anne-Marie and McGee.  They are helping us with everything from good school districts to great moving companies to the best hospitals to deliver a new baby, totally invaluable!  It’s going to be really hard to leave here, our loved ones, especially my mom, the home we’ve worked so hard on, the security of Jason’s job.  Everything will change, new schools, new doctors, new everything.  It’s overwhelming.  When we found out we sold our home, reality set it, I threw up.  I did.  How about that for a classic pregnant lady reaction?  =)  My husband found this hilarious.

2.  We’re all sick on some level.  Miserable with colds.  It really stinks to be sick while pregnant and not be able to take much for it.  Taryn is the worst, she wants to be held all day, every day and just says "mommeeeeeeee" over and over again.  Very pitiful.

3.  Ty is doing great in school this year.  So proud.  We’re slowing getting used to his new schedule and his grades are good.  Most importantly, he seems happy.  An incredible relief.  Last year was so rough, its difficult to see your child so unhappy.  The BEST thing about this year, he has incentives in class, if he finishes his work in class, no homework other than to study for tests.  This has been a huge motivation for him and is working like a charm.  Love it.

4.  Taryn swears the baby in my belly is a "boy baby".  She wants to name him "living room". 

5.   13 wks pregnant and this morning sickness and exhaustion are still kicking my butt.  I just keep saying, "it must end soon".  Makes me think we might just be having a boy.  I was sick longer with Ty than I was with Taryn.  I can’t decide if I want to find out what we’re having.  I seem to change my mind daily.  In my sick moments, I think this will be our last child and that we shouldn’t find out the gender before birth.  But what about when I’m feeling better?  Will we want to go for #4 some day?  We don’t want to rule it out.  Would the kiddos adjust to #3 better (especially with all the other changes) knowing if it’s a boy or a girl?  I can’t decide.  Neither can Jase.  We have a little over a month to think about it though.

6.  I have bowling guilt.  Ty’s been in a bowling league all summer and loves it.  Jase brings him every Saturday morning.  I haven’t been once to see him.  Horrible mommy guilt.  The smell of the bowling alley is just too much for me.  Can’t take it.  Makes me gag just thinking about it.  I think it’s the spray they put in the shoes and my uber sensitive pregnant nose.  Ty suggested I put a clothes pin on my nose this morning.  I think I’ll ask Jase to video tape it, but I still feel really guilty.  Taryn even bowled last week for the first time and I missed it.

7.  Just in case y’all missed it….you’ve got to check out the comments to THIS POST (second comment by my mom, "the gee-gee".  Bwwwahahahahaha!!!

Thanks for stopping in!  =)