After 2.5 weeks of not so much as a nibble, not even a phone call and zero showings of our house, yesterday was the day.  An agent showed up unannounced during naptime with buyers in tow.  I had to ask them to come back because Little T was napping and it was time for Ty to get off the bus (ok, and cause the house was a mess too).  An hour and a half after frantically cleaning the house, waking T and loading up the kids and the dog to go drive around the neighborhood, they came back.  Viewed the house for around 20 minutes.  Yay, our first showing.

Much to our surprise, we got an offer this morning.  A really good offer.  One we can live with and be happy with.  So Jason came home for lunch today to meet with our agent and signed off on it.  Excited, nervous, anxious, all of the above.  I really am shocked that the first person who came to see it, bought it.  Happy but shocked.  I thought we would be on cloud 9, but we’re just walking around acting like a bunch of nervous nellies, cautious yet optimistic that things go smoothly from here.