photo of jason smiling at sunset

This guy is officially employed!  He received and accepted an offer for a job even more perfect than what we prayed for!  God had a plan that was so much bigger than ours!  Today has been a dream.  Good news, happy surprises and it felt like a two ton weight lifted off our shoulders.  So many happy tears today.  I love seeing Jason so happy, he is so excited about the work and company.  The last two years have been a rollercoaster.  Four months after launching in to full time travel, Jason was laid off through a reduction of force from a job he’d been at for over 11 years.  It was terrifying because I had just walked away from my full time business and loyal client base in Austin.  While the job search has been going on for 2 years, there were also stretches where it wasn’t the biggest priority.  Stretches where his focus was on preparing IAPBP for sale.  Stretches where we were doing ok with me working.  Stretches of contract work.  We have been stretched so thin, struggled, disagreed about our path, felt stuck in the waiting, impatient with the timing.  There were moments of straight up panic and fear.  We hit some of our lowest moments last year….it was not easy.   The weight on both of us felt crushing at times, day by day it felt heavier.  We often wondered what this day would look and feel like.  It’s finally here!  Today is the day!  And this opportunity is totally worth the wait!