1.  It seems I am sinking.  I have a hard drive full of images that need some love and attention so that I can send them off to my clients.  I am super behind…on everything, editing, email, voicemail, packaging orders, etc.  If you are waiting on me for something, I’m sorry, I’m coming, I promise!  Between Jason going out of town last weekend and being on my own with the boys, Teagan’s health issues and my kids being off for spring break, figuring out summer camps, signing up for dance classes, trips to the doctor and dentist…..I’m sinking.  If you’re waiting on proofs from me, head on over to the Life in Motion Facebook Fanpage and look for a little something extra to say thank you for your patience.  I went on a little sharing spree =)

2. Guess what else I’m behind on?  Apparently, shopping (gasp!).  Poor duder can attest (while he’s waiting on the flood).  When did this happen?!

3.  Teagan’s been headbutting.  Objects, people, the dog, the wall, his sister and his brother.  It’s driving us crazy.  He thinks it is hilarious.  We normally do not, but, we all lost it in a fit of laughter tonight when he got his words mixed around and pointed at Ty and said “butt head”.  Totally shouldn’t have laughed.  Totally couldn’t help it.

Alright, I’m on hour 20 something and fading fast…..