I wanted to make a quick post about my schedule for anyone interested in booking a session.  I realize it seems crazy to post about my calendar a year out, but it is constantly changing and sessions seem to be booked up quicker than ever.  I actually already have a few things booked for 2011!!  If you think you will want a session in 2010, please take a look at my availability below and book early!

2009 IS FULL.  (If you would like a referral to another photographer who may have availability, please drop me an email).

JANUARY – I have 2 spots for full sessions and 2 mini spots open.  I am doing mini sweetheart sessions in January (just in time for Valentines Day) and am considering opening them up to non-established clients.  If you think you might want one, let me know, they go quick!

FEBRUARY – 2 full session spots open.

MARCH – full sessions are booked solid.  I have 3 mini spots open for established clients only.

APRIL – 3 full session spots open.  4 mini spots open for established clients only.  April is also the month I plan to travel to Seattle.  I have 2 Seattle spots left – if you think you might want one, send me an email for all the details.  If the open spots don’t fill by February this trip may not happen or I may move it to Chicago based on interest.

((Note:  March/April usually bring bluebonnets!))

MAY – 2 full session spots open.  Nashville sessions are booked solid and the trip is confirmed!!

JUNE – 2 full session spots open.

JULY – 2 full session spots open.

AUGUST – 3 full session spots open.

SEPTEMBER – 2 full session spots open.

OCTOBER – 3 full session spots open.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER – All Christmas sessions for next year must be completed in October.  We’re taking a big trip in November of next year (this is a HUGE secret so friends and family if you see my kids please don’t mention it.  We won’t tell them until right before the trip as I can’t handle a year of excitement x5….Jase and I are bad enough).  This means that I will take maybe one or two sessions only in November to meet a Christmas deadline.  I realize it seems crazy to plan ahead for Christmas photos for next year, when we haven’t even seen Thanksgiving this year….but if a session is important to you, book it now and secure your spot!

One more thing to note…..I will be revamping the way I do baby plans starting January, 2010.  I will also be adding a maternity/newborn combo package for all those expectant parents out there who want belly and newborn photos.

And since I can’t post without a photo….here is this cute little guy….


Be sure to check back later today and tomorrow for some sneak peeks!