Today was a day. We left Alabama fairly early (for us). But it took us forever to find a gas station we could fit in to, then we had to stop to feed Z, then I got sick so we had to stop again. I felt awful, I thought I was going to pass out getting out of the truck heading to the RV after I begged Jason to pull over. I rallied after getting sick, took some bentonite clay I had tucked away and 30 minutes later I was good as new. But then we had to stop again because Z hates being in the car seat past 4:30 pm and the crying is hard on all of us. We finally got to our site after dark and it was a tight fit, only to test the electrical hookup and see it was having issues. Plus we needed propane and dinner. By 9 pm we were dressed for freezing temps inside the RV eating. Let’s just say it was colder than the inside of our fridge in here. Jase ran out for propane with the boys while Z, Taryn and I snuggled in on the heated mattress pads to stay warm. And we finally have running water again 🙌🏻 Tomorrow is a shower day for everyone. And laundry day. We are out of clean clothes and patience. Our longest day yet, it took us almost 12 hours to go 238 miles. Just when we think we are getting the hang of things a few hard days decide to keep us humble.