1.  Popping in.  Quite literally.  I have about 3 minutes while my children down their snack before they come looking for me.

2.  This is a 70+ hour work week for me.  Just work.  Not counting mom duties.  Or carpool.  Or meal preparation.  Or the hours we spend giving supplements.  Or playing outside with the kids.  Or sleep, glorious, sleep.  Amazingly enough, I’m doing good.  I feel incredible, patient, calm, tons of energy. Just really, really good.  More on WHY over on the finding our new normal blog this weekend!

3.  Freezing this morning.  You know, it was around 50 degrees when we left the house.  But in Texas, that totally constitutes putting on our big coats, finding a hat and turning on the heater.  Freezing.

4.  We are still in the process of moving everyone around and my office into Teagans old room.  Must finish that tonight.  I cannot wait to get my office and computer and work stuff out of our bedroom.  Can.Not.Wait.

5.  First I get to go hang out and photograph this little guy.  I’m sure he’s just as cute as ever.  Will post proof later tonight 😉

6.  Speaking of cute, I get to catch up with this little guy tomorrow too.  Can’t wait!

7.  I have Sunday off from shooting but will likely pull an all day proofing marathon in my jammies.  Maybe it’s a good thing no one wanted to book that day with the time change, I can try to catch up!

8.  Ty got 5 A’s and 2 B’s on his report card.  Proud.  Very proud of him.  Taryn did really awesome on hers too!

9.  10 is not gonna happen, the snacks are gone and they are fighting over the swing….off to read a story, start dinner and then leave for my shoot….