1. Guess what?! I’m almost 8 months late but I’m finally almost finished with Teagan’s birth photos! Go me! And I love them, I mean really, really love them. I just have a few more I need to get from Anne Marie and then I’m done – woohoo! Honestly, I wasn’t sure up until the end of my pregnancy if we were even going to have his birth photographed. I’m so glad we did, every image is so precious to me. 8 months later, the memories in my mind are still strong, but even so, the images bring me back to those moments in a way that even my own memory never could. I’m soooo thankful to have these images, thank you Anne Marie for all your hard work! (((for those that don’t know, my friend Anne Marie photographed Teagan’s birth, she was kind enough to show up, use my camera, and hers too, and then she left me with all the RAW files. So the images are hers, the edits are mine, the end result is a collaborative effort. I am forever thankful she was there with us that day!)))

I wasn’t sure (both before his birth and after) if I would share the images or just tuck them away in a folder just for us. Yeah, I look like crap, but hey, I’m supposed to look like crap, I just pushed out a human being. I promise to come back and share them once I’m all finished up =)

2. I’m gearing up for a crazy and fun weekend of mini sessions and newborns! Come next Monday the 5D is gonna need a break! Can’t wait!!

3. Monday is now Ty’s new favorite day of the week. Science Club. 20 members, 19 boys and 1 girl, focus is on Legos Mindstorm. I bet that one girl can hold her own though! Yesterday they built roller coasters out of cardboard and empty toilet paper rolls. He was in heaven.

4. I miss our dog. Bad. She’s still banned from being in the house since she took a direct hit from the skunk. So stinky, no matter what we do. Poor Kylie.

5. I love fall. Cooler (ok sometimes) weather, pumpkins, sweaters (eventually), football on Sundays, wonderful smelling dinners in the crockpot, having a relief from the heat and spending more time outside. I think it’s my favorite time of year.

6. Jase and I were marveling that we’ve almost been in Austin for a year. The first year went by so fast. We bought our house on his 30th birthday. Yeah, he got a 30 year mortgage for his birthday last year. What will I get him this year? LOL! Any ideas?

7. I am bound and determined to get the large canvas collage for our dining room done soon….I really want it up before Christmas! I am also brainstorming ideas for the wonderful images Michele took of our family. I really want to do something nice with them and have the perfect location in our house, an area leading from the office into our master, an open hallway of sorts. It’s inset because of the arches leading into the kitchen and just the perfect large nook for photos.

8. Taryn is going through a really cute phase right now. She scrunches up her little face with her bright blue eyes and big toothy grin, put her cheek towards her shoulder and makes sweet eyes at you, usually while being sweet about something totally random. I love this age, even with all it’s challenges. Jase keeps asking me if Ty was this cute at 3….he was. I know he wishes he could have experienced it. Taryn’s a mess sometimes, but man is she cute and sweet sometimes too.

9. Thank God for quiet nap time today. Taryn woke Teagan up early from all 3 of his naps yesterday, poor little guy. It drives me nuts when she does that, she likes to wake him up “cause he’s so cute” and she wants to play with him. She’s at school today and he can finally sleep in peace! Works for her too since she bounced out the door this morning singing “it’s school day” with all her 3 year old energy!

10. Stay tuned later this week for a special guest appearance on the blog! As previously promised in the “ask me anything” post, we’re gonna learn all about backlighting from one of the best!!