1.  My baby boy turns 5 months old tomorrow.  Huh?!  What?!  How can that be?!  I’d swear he was just born yesterday.  But then again, I can’t remember what this family was even like without him here.  He fits in so seamlessly.

2.  Speaking of Jonah’s birth, our birth photographer, Leilani, and I bartered and she decided she wanted a love light night session in exchange for Jonah’s birth photos.  She captured one of the biggest and best days of my life so beautifully, she can have whatever type of session she wants!  So even though I’ve said I’m not doing any Love Light Night Sessions until Jonah is older, I’m doing 2, one for Leilani and one open spot to be booked, on the night of April 27, 2013.  If you’d like to book the one open spot, email me at lstradtner@mac.com for details and pricing!  I love doing night sessions and can’t wait to shoot that night!  Very excited!  I’m also still open for a love light session during my trip to Dallas in May.

3.  My most favorite onesie ever.  I love food humor.  And that sweet baby boy.

4.  Jude has developed a severe fear of wasps.  It’s to the point he doesn’t want to go outside.  He’ll sit and watch his sister and friends from the window.  It’s the saddest thing ever and I’m at a loss as to how to help him.  I’ve tried going outside with him.  I’ve tried talking to him about his fear.  I’ve tried rationalizing it by talking through the worst thing that could happen.  Jason has gone outside and inspected the house and gotten rid of all wasps around.  I’m not sure what else to do.  Ideas?  Advice?  The whole situation just makes me so sad, I hate seeing my sweet boy so scared.

5.  This.  A million times this.  Shame on you Victoria’s Secret.  Keeping our girls young matters.  Keeping them modest matters too.  If you’re not a fan of Pigtail Pals and Ballcap Buddies, fan them.  Thought provoking conversations happening daily.

6.  I am currently reading 4 books and have finished only parts of each one.  That drives me crazy but they are all equally good and helpful.  I need to finish each one.

7.  Obviously, I’m knee deep in figuring out how, what and when to feed Jonah solid foods.  We are definitely taking a different road when it comes to introducing solids this go around.  My current plan is to wait until he’s at least 6 months old and then start with healing bone broth to help seal his naturally leaky gut.  then liver, fermented cod liver oil, egg yolks and avocado.  He’s definitely at the stage where he watches us eat every bite.  I’m trying to buy some extra time by giving him breastmilk popsicles at dinner time.  He loves them!

8.  We’ve definitely had some breastfeeding issues in the last 2 months but I think we have finally worked through them.  Jonah was having a few issues that pointed to a dairy intolerance / allergy.  Except we knew that wasn’t right because I’m already dairy free.  It took us awhile but we figured out that I had a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance which has very similar symptoms to a dairy intolerance.  It took us about 2 weeks and some extreme block feeding, but we got it fixed.  Thankfully fixing the problem didn’t affect my supply too much and I was still able to give Jonah everything he needs and donate breastmilk as usual.  Have I mentioned that I’m doing private breastmilk donation to another family?  It’s been so cool to help another sweet little baby.  The little guy is growing and thriving and I’m so blessed and proud to have been able to help this family.  I’m so thankful to have worked through the imbalance issues because it was super stressful and frustrating.  Here is hoping the good balance sticks.

9.  Oh Maggie…..our sweet silly Maggie.  These are the things Taryn teaches her to do in one afternoon of boredom.  Can you believe Mags in 2 years old already?


10.  Jonah has been sporting a big old cloth diaper bottom.  While on the hunt for pants that fit cloth diapers better and don’t cause my baby to look like a weeble-wobble, some mommy friends recommended Pomona Pants.  I’m itching to buy some but hoping to come across a co-op to save some money.  If you know of one or see one anytime soon please let me know!