1.  I go in tomorrow for oral surgery and I am soooo not looking forward to it.  I doubt I’ll be up for blogging so I figured I’d post a 10 on Tuesday today.  Why, oh why, did I schedule this now, right before the holidays when everything is super busy?  Mostly cause I put it off several times because I’m a big woosie when it comes to going to the dentist.

2.  Any guesses who rules the roost at our house?  That T, she can handle those boys….

3.  Taryn asked for a pink violin for Christmas.  It’s a shoe in for the pink violin since we are secretly thankful she didn’t ask for cat.  Ty asked for a new bike and a new bible, I thought that was such a nice thing to ask for.  Teagan is getting a few toys of his own to help fend off his big sister and her constant need to reclaim the hand me downs.  Poor Teagan, he’s the hand me down king.

4.  I finally finished (and even ordered) our Christmas cards.  Granted, I doubt they will beat last years card….I mean, really, why did I even try?  Last year….forget the kids, it was all about the hubster….

5.  Speaking of the Santa suit, I loaned it out to some of our friends and word on the street is that the resulting images are pretty funny.  I must admit, it was kinda fun watching Santa 2007 razz Santa 2008 over Thanksgiving dinner.

6.  Is anyone else doing Elf On A Shelf of Magic Elf this year?  If you are, please post!!  My mom sent one to the kids and our little guy has been a lot of fun and gotten in to quite a few things.  Ty is helping with the mischief and Taryn wakes up every morning in stitches over what that crazy old Bob the Elf has gotten in to now…

He’s also been caught playing the playstation and dug in to the snack basket, raided the fruit snack packs and spread them out all over the counter.  When we found him, he was on the run with his arms stuffed full of fruit snacks LOL!  I must confess though….Bob is a little scary looking.  We’re thinking of switching to Elf Magic and buying at least one more….it’s easier to get in to mischief if they have someone to be in cahoots with!

If anyone else is doing this, please post….we’d love to hear and see what your elves are in to!

7.  I thought I’d share our photo gift tags I made for this year.  I figured if I post this now, someone might still have time to make use of it, so family and friends avert your eyes please.  Ok, so what I did was I took my fave photo and added it to one of the templates I purchased for client holiday cards this year.  But you can easily create your own in photoshop.  I simply resized it to be approximately 4×2.5 inches, but you can go smaller or bigger if you like.  I then added the to and from text area.

I dragged and dropped the flattened image onto a new 8×10 blank document.  I duplicated the dropped image and lined them all up so I could fit 6 per page.  Print as an 8×10 and voile!!!  Inexpensive and custom gift tags!  I usually do these for the kids school parties too with their pics on them and attach to the goodie bags (think halloween, valentines day, etc).  Once you cut them out, if you want them to be more sturdy you can glue them to a slightly larger piece of card stock or even use a hole punch in the corner and then decorate with ribbon.

8.  Have I ever told y’all about Jason and his history with christmas lights?  I honestly cannot remember if I’ve shared this (legendary) story or not.  I do try not to air all my husband’s dirty laundry here on the blog….but sometimes….well….some things are just too good not to share!

The story.  The first year I met Jase, he was totally in to Christmas, he even had a themed Christmas tree, I believe it was red and silver and theme was fire and ice.  He was also big into decorating his front porch (we were next door neighbors living in condos for those that don’t know).  He made this huge wood banner to custom fit his porch and I have to say, it looked really nice.  Well the next year, we were dating.  He had bought his first house and I had moved to another condo.  He was very excited to decorate his first home for the holidays….he bought the single most massive tree I’ve every seen in my life sans Griswold.  I believe the guy attaching his tree to my SUV said something about it being the last redwood under his breath LOL.  Anyway, when it came time to put up Christmas lights on his house, I was the dutiful girlfriend, ready to help.  Jase buys lights, we put them up, he takes them down.  We go back to the store, buy different lights, we put them all up, he takes them down.  We go back to the store again, buy different lights, we put them up.  Exhausted, frustrated, I take a break inside, and when I come back out to help some more, Jason comes down from the ladder, and walks over, picks up his level and starts back up the ladder.  That was it for me, supportive girlfriend no more.  I threw up my arms….”put the level down, or I’m done!”  3 sets of lights, 3 trips to the store, endless hours of hearing him bellyache over the lights on the house = no more patience.  It was time to put the level down and walk away or I was done helping him.  Of course he was floored as to why I didn’t think the level was a good idea.

Yeah, let’s just say that he’s never lived that down.  And putting lights on our house is always an issue.  Always.  We’re talking weeks of bellyaching, indecision, etc.  Last year, being 8 months pregnant, he took mercy on me after an hour of him trying to install lights in high winds and just decorated the trees out front.  This year, I knew I wouldn’t get off that easy so I took matters in to my own hands.  I hit Target and bought all the lights he’d need, then hid the receipt so we couldn’t take them back.  Yeah, I’m evil like that.  But it worked, he got them up, in one day no less and they look great.  Now, that’s not to say that he hasn’t done the tree 3 times (that I know of) or that he hasn’t drawn out the design only to change it God only knows how many times.  And he had to go buy a new ladder.  But this year, I am happy to report there was no level involved in the hanging of lights at the Stradtner house.

9.  Now, that’s not to say that it all went off without a hitch.  Imagine my surprise when I’m minding my own business, standing at our kitchen island, chopping up a tomato for our salads for dinner, when I happen to look to my left, down our long foyer, through the glass storm door…..and see this…..

No kidding.  He decided it was time to remove the steaks supporting our new trees since we’ve been here a year.  Especially since it would be a lot easier to install lights on said tree for the 4th time without the stakes in place.  Oh I love that man.  He makes me laugh.

10.  Step off ladies.  He’s all mine.

  • Coming out of lurk-dome to publicly LOL at those last 2 posts!!! And…as long as I am out here 🙂 I adore the picture of the 3 kids. 🙂

  • Lol…that last picture is hilarious! You have a funny man:)

  • Jason cracks me up! Love that last pic of him! I see you are calling me out on the Santa pictures…. I guess I’ll have to break down and post a few more on our blog. I’m terrible this year though – I got some great pics with your Santa suit, and I still haven’t ordered Christmas cards.

  • Thanks for the laugh this morning. That last photo cracks me up!

    I love how the photo tags turned out. I did the same this year, but instead of printing them on photo paper (I’m way too lazy to cut them out!), I got them printed on the stickers from whcc. That way, I just have to stick them to the gifts. Pretty handy.

  • We’re doing Elf on a Shelf, but I didn’t think to have him get into mischief! He’s just been hanging around on high ledges/our tree/shelves etc to “spy” on my 2.5 year old LOL! I think tomorrow morning we’ll have to find him doing something silly. I haven’t posted any pictures, but I will soon. 🙂


  • We are doing the elf on the shelf this year!!! On Friday Santa sent him and he landed right on our christmas tree: http://www.3carrs@hotmail.com
    My little one is only 2 1/2 so she named him “Mr. Elf.” Nice. But every morning, the hunt begins. This morning he was chilling on the cabinet in the bathroom.

  • P.S. totally copying you for the gift tags! LOVE IT!

  • That last picture is hilarious! We bought Elf on the Shelf this weekend and named him Isaac. He was chilling on top of our microwave this morning. We were running late, trying to get off to the sitter and work but she spotted him and told him Bye as we ran out the door. I have a few ideas for where to put him but the light is the best – we will have to try that one soon!

  • Oh my goodness, that your hubby is hillarious! Mine doesn’t really like Christmas, LOL! Good luck with your surgery 🙂

  • hands down….that has got to be the funniest picture of your hubby. you have posted some good ones in the past but that is hilarious.

    oh and your card last year…on of my favorites and I got SO many comments about it lol.

  • Oops….you can see our elf at http://www.3carrs.blogspot.com

  • how hilarious! Everytime I scroll up and see that picture I LOL (literally!) I agree with sandra…definitely the funniest pic of your husband you’ve shared. Thanks for the laugh and good luck tomorrow!

  • We’re doing Elf on a Shelf, but your elf has much more fun than ours. We’re lucky if we can even remember to move him each night. We’re going to have to get creative now! 😉

  • Hey Lynds! We’re doing Elf Magic…. *sigh*

    I need to post blog some about it but I switched to mac (yay) & am having issues with my external drive (copying all my stuff to a new one now, sigh)….

    looks like yours are having fun!!! =)

  • P.S. I am laughing SOOOOO hard at your hubby. That is just TOO funny!!!!

  • Those gift tags are beautiful. You are sooo creative!

  • We’ve got the Elf On The Shelf! I think my daughter is quickly loosing interest because she’s not allowed to touch him. It could also be that she is totally afraid of Santa (only in person). Either way, still a fun little gig over the holidays!

  • Ok! I already love your blog… but this last shot of your husband sealed the deal for me…. OH.MY.GOSH….. !!!! Hilarious!!!!

    yes, we love “little elf” as we so creatively call him…. I love your shots! I will have to let “little elf” have a little more fun around my house or else he will get jealous of Bob!!

    thank you for putting a smile on my face today!!

  • Next time let Jase know he can borrow my t-post puller! lol 🙂
    Of course, I have been know to be seen doing the exact same thing!

  • YES! We are doing Elf on the Shelf, too!! Actually, I just bought him about 3 days ago, so he should be hanging out on a shelf soon!

  • yeah we do the elf. but sometimes i forget to move him and someone ends up crying because she thinks santa didn’t know she was being good. oh i am a bad mommy! i might do a tad bit later next year so I don’t have to move him from dec 1 – 24. again bad mommy. our is named Bolt. gee – can you guess which movie we saw before he was named?

  • Okay what is Elf Magic? I want in on that! It looks so much fun, maybe not this year, but MOST DEFFINATLY next year! Second I have to laugh at your husband, because that’s how I am! I haven’t ever gotten out the level but I have taken down, redone, again and again! DRIVES my husband insane!!! Infact this year I said I wasn’t even going to put them up since we’ve got our hosue on the market, and well with snow, I didn’t really want to have to take them down! (you see here we leave them up until it’s warm again, usually Feb or March. Don’t worry though they light up until New years, and then I just quit plugging them in!) But what did I do Monday afternoon in the sleet before the first big snow? Yup you guessed it, I put the damned things up. For my husbands sake I didn’t even make him help, I just put them up left them be and even though it’s driving me nuts that they’re not centered on the porch, I left them there!
    Have a Happy Holidays if I don’t comment before then!!!!

  • yeah, that picture of Jason is a total riot!

  • Hey Lynds – go over to facebook. I posted some pics of Santa 2008 being silly. The girls are already posting about Mike and Jason being two peas in a pod! 😛

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  • Those posts were a complete pain to get out. McGee’s Mike stopped by to drop off the Santa suit after I finally got the above pictured offender out of the ground. I expressed my frustration and he just kinda laughed and said oh yeah, you should just flood the posts with water and let it soak for a while before pulling them out. DOH! Ty made sure to rub it in when he EASILY pulled the next post out. Lesson learned…maybe.

  • I may still look like an idiot, but at least I didn’t break out the level, right?

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  • […] of poking fun, you know what IS true??  There was no level involved in the hanging of any of these lights (scroll down to #’s 8-10).  To that I say hallelujah, Merry Christmas and thank you […]