1.  My girl turned 7.  Crazy.  I’ll blog about it soon since I finally took her out for her birthday photos.

2.After waiting and waiting and waiting some more…..my girl *finally* has her very first loose tooth!!  This discovery lit up her face like the 4th of July.  I can’t blame her, she’s stood back and watched all her friends and former classmates lose their teeth one by one.  It is finally her turn!  She’s mixed with 999 parts excitement, 1 part anxiety.

3.  Overheard last week.  Yeah, the definition of hot date has definitely changed.

Me: Want to meet for a hot lunch date?
The husband: Are our kids gonna be there?
Me: Yeah, that’s why it will be hot. You’ll be running around chasing them.
The husband: uhhhhh

4.  Y’all.  I am getting so uncomfortable.  Every day I wake up and think I cannot get much more uncomfortable.  But the next day, guess what?  I do.  This baby is all up in my space.  Sharing your body is HARD WORK. Yeah, I’m way more comfortable than the last 3 pregnancies because I haven’t gained the weight I did with them, I’m not sick, my chiropractor keeps me moving, but I’m still really pregnant.  This little boy is like his sister, he likes to stick his feet in my ribs and jump up and down on my bladder.  Head down is so much more comfortable, even though it does bring on a mean waddle walk.  I wish he’d get head down and stay there, all this flipping around is not comfortable at all!

5.  I found all 3 kids cuddled up under their blankets on the couch one afternoon.  It made me stop and laugh.  Apparently, they are not a fan of the new pregnant lady air conditioning settings at our house.  What a bunch of woosies.  It’s hot in here.  I swear it is.  Ty grumbled that “30 weeks pregnant is too early for this”.  Ha!  Not when it is 9,000 degrees outside it isn’t.  Do you think Ty has been down this road before?  I swear I’m incubating a little furnace.  I remember bringing Taryn home from the hospital and thinking “OMG, it’s freezing in here!”  That was met with an eye from from Jase, who had been wearing sweaters in July, Ty, who was always in a robe and sometimes a scarf, and Kylie the dog, who took to sleeping under the curtains in the office to stay warm.

6.  iphone pics from early morning horse riding this morning with Ms. Taryn.  This week marked her last equine therapy session until after the baby comes.  She loves it and it is good for her, but I’m welcoming the break from the very early morning start time, the heat, the flies, the poop smell and the mean goat.

7.  I’m currently reading this book about nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, nursing and babies first foods.  It is phenomenal.

8.  Everyone told me that cloth diapering becomes an addiction.  I’ll admit my first thought was “yeah right”.  I mean, it’s a diaper people.  It catches poop.  What is addicting about that?!  I begrudgingly started to learn the lingo (hello, it’s like a whole other language) and figure out what was going to be the best choice diaper wise for this little one.  I caved when I went down kicking and crying when all the disposables I researched either had a lot of chemicals we were not comfortable with, were filled with dyes or contained gluten.  I wanted some disposables for when we go out and about, but none met our needs, so cloth diapering 100% is the plan.  And, yeah right, I’m addicted.  The options, the colors, the choices, the covers….and the numerous deliveries to the house…..fun!  I was wrong.  I’m addicted.

9.  The other night I got up at around 4 am to go to the bathroom.  We moved in to this house when I was 6 months pregnant with Teagan, so when we set up our bedroom, we put me on the side of the bed right next to the door leading in to the bathroom.  When I get up, I don’t even really open my eyes much, I know the steps in the dark and I don’t have to really wake up to make it there and back.  So that’s what I do.  The light was on in the bathroom and my eyes weren’t adjusted so I just kept them closed.  When I turned out the light and headed back to bed everything was pitch black.  I stepped out and felt someone grab me.  SCARED ME TO DEATH.  I think my heart stopped.  It’s like that nightmare where someone grabs you in the dark when you least expect it and you can’t see a single thing.  It came true.  I screamed out loud, Jase woke up in the next room and then I realized the hands that grabbed me were small.  Thank God!  It was Taryn.  She scared me to death, walking through the dark with my eyes closed, not even awake, at 4 am.  She started to cry because I cried out and she said “I was trying not to scare you!”  Uhhhh, didn’t work.  My heart was racing, she was crying, Jase was confused, it woke the baby up and he was jumping all around.  My adrenaline was pumping so hard I never did go back to sleep.

10. Teagan: “Mom, you look like you swallowed a BIG ball. And you walk like a penguin.”  Thanks for keeping it real little buddy.