1.  I’m feeling human again.  Thank you 2nd trimester for being kind.  I shouldn’t complain though, this is the first pregnancy that I haven’t been horribly sick for months on end.  All I really have to complain about is the exhaustion.  I’m thankful to have enough energy to actually be productive during the day AND stay up past 7 pm.  My husband is very thankful for this.  He’s been covering me with house duty, kid duty, dinner duty, etc. for months now.  Thank God for good nutrition, it kept me from being sick.  Truly, food is so amazing.

2.  As predicted, the first trimester destroyed my daily image taking and 365 project.  I’ve barely picked up my camera except for work.  I want to cry over 3 months of images that were never captured.  But, I am also growing a person, so I guess I get a pass.  But I want to get back to my 365 very soon.

3.  My house looks like a bomb hit it.  Even more so than usual.  We are rearranging our house *again*.  This house is constantly morphing in to what we need it to be.  Basically, we need more space and we’re trying to make use of every inch.  In an effort to get Taryn her own room and make room for the new baby, I’m losing my dedicated office.  We are moving the playroom / classroom in to our dining room and our dining room in to the playroom / classroom.  This will give us room to move my office in to the new playroom / classroom.  Taryn will move out of the room that she and Teagan share and in to my old office.  The new baby will be in our room for awhile and share a room with Teagan.  I think it is all going to work well, but right now I can’t see past the carnage that is the moving of the classroom.  How do we have sooooo much stuff packed in to that room after only homeschooling for a few months?!  I do love that the kids will now have separate work stations, which will hopefully mean less distractions.  Taryn really needs her own space too.  I’m hoping her own room and place to escape now that she’s home so much with the boys will ease up on the sibling rivalry around here.  I’ll happily give up my office if it means peace.  Plus, the natural, low toxin, bedroom we put together for them will be a great space for Teagan and the new baby.

4.  I recently got Taryn hooked on Little House on the Prairie.  It was my absolute favorite show growing up.  I’m over the annoying kids cartoons, so I couldn’t be happier about this.  I mentioned to my mom that if I had to watch one more My Little Pony I was going to lose my mind.  She was kind enough to send the whole first season of Little House and we’re loving it.  If memory serves, I may or may not have had a bonnet and matching dress just like Laura when I was about Taryn’s age.  My mom will find that photo and post it on facebook in 5…4…3…2…

5.  I went on a date with Duder on Monday.  We ran a few errands, went to the chiropractor and then had a lunch date.  He was in heaven having mommy to himself for a little while.  He chatted my ear off the entire time we were gone.  He just kept saying “I love you so so much Mommy!”

6.  I just realized I never posted any of the bluebonnet pics I took of the kids:

7.  Of course I love any photo that includes all 3, but that photo of Teagan and Ty….swoon.  For being 10 years apart, they are so close and such good buds.  My favorite part of the day is when Ty comes home and they sit and talk about their day….”hey bud, how was your day, what did you do….”  They are so much alike in so many ways.

8.  We usually do school in the mornings but today we had an appointment at the Chiropractor.  I kind of dread school in the afternoons.  Taryn does much better in the morning.

9.  Did you know that you can check the toxicity of infant, convertible and boost car seats?  You can and I have to admit, I was shocked at how bad some of them are.  WHY are these companies exposing our kids to so much crap?!  Something as simple as a fabric choice can expose a baby to more mercury, lead, etc.

10.  Speaking of baby stuff, does anyone have any experience with baby monitors that work well with an iphone?  If so, I love some input on what you love / hate about the one you own.

Happy Wednesday!