1.  First!  OMG!  Look at this!  I am in love with this one.  This never happens.  They were so good to me….

2.  I sat down at my laptop just now and thought….I should do a 10 on Tuesday post….but it’s not Tuesday.  That’s ok, I’ll do it even though it isn’t Tuesday.  Oh wait.  Yes, it is.  Does this tell you how my week is going?

3.  I’m having contact lens issues and have had an on again off again eye infection for going on 2 weeks.  I’m so over it.  I can’t see well and just when i think I’ve kicked it, the stupid thing comes back full force.  I finally ordered new lenses for my old glasses today so I can just give up my contacts for awhile.  When we started eating better and detoxing a few years ago my Rx improved significantly and my glasses are too strong.  I’m currently wearing a saudered pair of glasses that belonged to Ty when he was 10.  Oy.  My new lenses can’t arrive fast enough!

4.  Beep Beep!  Jonah hanging out while Duder takes his bath.

5.  My big boy is now officially sitting up.  I wish time would slow down but I’m admittedly excited about his new found verticalness….it opens up so many photo ops!  Game on!

6.  I recently decided to destash some of my cloth diapers that aren’t in rotation all that often.  Jason wasn’t a big fan of the organic Bum Genius Elementals so I sold them.  I am now officially diving in to the world of WAHM cloth diapers and so far, I’m in love.  I even ordered my first custom made CD.  FLUFF!!!!!

7.  My breastpump died last night.  The old girl has been around for just under 8 years and is quite the dinosaur.  It’s time she be retired but I sure wasn’t thinking she’d break all at once.  She’s been around for 3 kids and is loud enough to wake our neighbors.  Back when we bought her she was fancy and new to me, I’d used a swing arm pump when I had Ty, so a pump in a bag instead of a suitcase, was fancy.  Yes, I realize I just showed my age.  Pumps have come a loooooong way in 15 years!  Jason showed up with a brand new one tonight and man oh man, she’s quiet!  Happy momma!  And I hope it will increase my output since I’m still donating.

8.  I love his chubby chubby happy little self.  When I pick him up he happily burrows his face in to my neck and pinches me at the same time.  It’s his thing.

9.  I am working on a big homeschool post complete with all our current favorite things.  Homeschool has been going so great over the last 6 weeks.  I can’t wait to pull together the details for the post and share.

10.  I still have ONE opening for a Love Light Night Mini Session in Dallas on May 4th!  Email me at lstradtner@mac.com for details!!