Double Rainbow in Nags Head North Carolina

The weather today in Nags Head was all over the place.  It was very cold, very warm, sunny, rainy, very calm, super windy.  All the span of a few hours.  Then after dinner we spotted this double rainbow!  It was so bright and just incredible!  I wish we were out on the beach just past the dunes to view it!

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Fulltime RV with bikes

Follow along as we share our setup for traveling fulltime in an RV with bikes. Bike rack set up and review starts at 3:07.

Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch:

Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor, Black, One size:

Curt 19100 Camper RV Bumper Hitch, Fits 4-Inch Beam, 2-In Receiver, 3,500 lbs:

Mount-n-Lock SafetyStruts Heavy Duty RV Bumper Brackets:

Mission Automotive Hitch Tightener for 1.25″ and 2″ Hitches:

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We made it to Virginia today.  We are still completely covered in North Carolina pollen though.  It was a huge mess to get us packed up and ready to go.  We went and bough a small air blower to try and dust things off before packing them in the RV but there is still pollen all over everything, even inside.  There is even a thin layer all throughout the inside of the truck.  Ugh!  We will only be here for a week before we jump back down to North Carolina again to see my mom in the Outer Banks!

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It snowed pollen

I have never experienced anything like this!  In the last two days the pollen has invaded!  Today on my way home from the grocery store I noticed a big yellow cloud ahead of us, hovering almost like fog.  The closer we got, the thicker it looked.  By the time I arrived at our campground I realized we were IN the pollen cloud.  Huge areas were super thick and moving with the wind across our site.  Standing outside, we were covered in it and it looked like snow falling from the sky.

Taryn’s bicycle seat, random items covered in pollen and my supposed to be black shoes.  Cars and trucks driving down the road kick up a pollen “dust” cloud.  THIS IS CRAZY!  I’m so glad we leave this weekend!

A slow motion video of us trying to blow pollen off our navy blue camp chair…

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