Sep 21, 2007
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…when one of the first things you do after getting out of bed is pull underwear out of a bowl of cereal.

No kidding.

After Jason and Ty left for work and school this morning I walked into the kitchen to fix Taryn breakfast.  Imagine my complete and total bewilderment when I spotted a bowl with underwear in it sitting on the counter.  Confused and not totally awake yet, I realize that the bowl is half filled with cereal, half filled with Ty’s undies.  My first thought…."what the heck do they do in the mornings?!?!"  My second instinct was to gag, thanks to the never ending bout of all day morning sickness, the sight grossed me out, bad.  One very odd telephone call to Jason later, I realized there must have been some sort of folded clothes throwing war.  I don’t think I want to know, and honestly, I just decided to be glad they weren’t my undies.

And I guess I’m due for a little baby update huh?!  Hard to believe we’re almost half way there!  17 weeks and still sick.  I know it’s for a good cause but man is it old.  Lots of movement, which I love!  We haven’t bought a thing (except for the really ugly gender neutral outfit Jase brought home to convince me to find out the gender of this baby – "see honey, you’ll be subjected to "this" if we don’t find out!".  It worked, we plan to find out the sex of the baby, mostly because with all the other changes I think it will help Ty and Taryn be prepared and adjust.  Plus, I’m just plain curious.  I have boy dreams every night (and good gosh are pg dreams vivid!).  But I’m carrying like I did with Taryn.  I’m craving the same things I did with Ty and with Taryn so no clues there, but I can’t stand chocolate or ice cream….that’s just wrong.  I blame that on Jase, he doesn’t have a sweet tooth and I’m being subjected to that gene.  I could drink salsa by the gallon.  Last weekend we went to a fair and all we bought was $40 worth of pickles.  Yum.  If you’ve never had a Mickles Pickle, you haven’t lived.  Seriously.  Pregnant or not, a Mickles Pickle does things to a sandwich that I just can’t describe.

Move update…..We have a big portable storage unit in the front yard that has been empty all week long.  Mostly because we haven’t bothered to start packing.  We really do need to start, our move is only a few weeks away.  It’s just hard to know where to start.  Our plan is to pack the attic and garage in the POD and then go from there….it’s sneaking up on us…fast.

And Ty…he gave us a scare this week.  He had a large number of bad nose bleeds in a short time frame.  We’ve been to the doctor, and while my mommy instinct says we didn’t get the right (or maybe just the full) answer, he’s doing much, much better and the bleeding has stopped.   I’m so thankful for that.  It was scary.  We’re still keeping a close eye on him.

And what’s a post without a pic?  I was digging through some oldies but goodies today cleaning up my hard drive for the first time in awhile when I came across this.  Look how little Taryn is!  Gosh it seems like a million years ago….


And now she’s a big girl, a 2 year old ball of cute and feisty all rolled into one.  She tells me the other day, "Mommy, your little monkey grows bigger and bigger EVERY DAY!"  Yes, she does.

  • When I was pregnant with Meredith, I had so many vivid boy dreams. I had thought early on that I was having a girl, but the boy dreams really threw me off.

    I talked to a coworker who had studied dream analysis (I worked for a really hippie, liberal, kind of place, so a coworker with a background in dream analysis really isn’t as “out there” as it sounds), and she said that the boy dreams likely indicated that I was having a girl. Her theory was that boy dreams were a way of my subconscious communicating with my body and coming to terms with the reality that I was not carrying a boy, and thus formulating boy dreams to learn to let go of this idea.

    Now, most of my boy dreams were kind of random – like actress Cate Blanchett leaving a baby boy at my office for me and then Mike suggesting we make a nursery for him in the garage. ALL of my boy dreams involved a boy baby being left for me or my baby of unknown gender being taken and replaced with a baby boy, so my coworker felt that was a sign that the child I was carrying was a girl – the baby boy in my dreams was never MY biological child.

    For what it’s worth, she was right, and I was having a girl. So… I think you should share your boy baby dreams, and we should all analyze them. 🙂

  • The rationale for gender dreams makes sense! I actually had a great many girl dreams, lots of pink and I was always with a little girl. I had such mixed feelings about the sex of our baby, and we had a boy!!! I agree though I think we should get to analyze the dreams!