Anyone else feel like they spend the entire week recovering from the weekend?  I sure do.  Usually by Friday I’m ready for the weekend, but not this week, it snuck up on me!  Maybe its because we have been so busy, more than the usual, crazy kind of busy. 

Soccer is keeping us hopping, two nights a week plus weekends, but the end is in sight.  Ty’s had a good time playing.  And did I tell y’all that Ty got straight A’s except for one C on his report card?  I’m so proud of him.’

We are still knee deep in moving the kids rooms all around.  My goal is to get it done before my mom comes to visit in a few weeks, we’ll see if we can make that happen.

I’ll get back into flashback Friday next week…in the meantime, just a quick shot of Teagan Jude The Dude hanging out on Taryn’s new big girl bed.  He’s decided to ditch the George Costanza look and re-grow some hair up top.  He woke up one morning last week with a new layer of fuzz.


Happy weekend!