Mar 31, 2008
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Learning patience.  It now officially takes us forever to get out of the house.  Multiple trips from the car to the house and back again.  Her way of coping with the chaos I suppose…there’s nothing a good toy catalog won’t solve.  We were trying to leave for the San Marcos Outlet Mall….Pottery Barn outlet.  We’re getting ready to redo Taryn’s room.  Fun stuff and way cheap.  I’ll have a hard time paying full price at a regular Pottery Barn store ever again. 


Chillin with the daddy.  This was the view from the kitchen sink.  Something about their two cute bald heads peaking over the couch grabbed me.


It’s safe to say an all out war is brewing in the Stradtner house.  We’re all vying for the coveted first smile out of the little man.  But so far all we get are funny grunts, scowls and lots and lots of bubbles.  Yeah, he’s pretty cute.

Y’all please wish me luck tomorrow.  I’m a complete idiot and put off going to the dentist way to long.  I’m now miserable with a horrid toothache, to the point my face and eye even hurt.  I have such a fear of going to the dentist and put it off while pregnant.  But tomorrow, it’s time to face the music.  I wish there was a dentist that would sedate me in the parking lot before even walking through the door, cause that’s what I’ll need to make it through.

  • Kelly

    Love all your pictures!
    Good luck with the dentist! I am with you on the sedation before entering as well as putting it off for as long as possible. I much rather give birth 10 times over then go and see the dentist. My dh laughs at me when I say that but it’s honestly true! Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you.

  • That outlet mall is to die for! I went there a little over a year ago when I was in San Antonio for a convention. I so wish I lived closer.
    And, I can TOTALLY relate about the dentist. I started going to a new dentist the past couple of years that has great meds that he has me take before I even leave the house. I have to have someone drive me to the dentist and I don’t remember anything for the rest of the day, but it is sooooo worth it!! I will pray that your visit is smooth and that he has lots of little pills like this…;)

  • Girl, I totally feel ya on the whole dentist thing. That is my absolute least favorite thing to do. Good luck!!

    Oh, and Hannah is completely gaga over toy catalogs too 🙂

  • LOL at the 2 bald heads!! very very cute!!
    Sorry about the dentist visit.. ouchie.. good luck!

  • Yikes! Hope it goes well… I too dread going to the dentist.. Love the baldness 🙂