I’m not sure, but I wasn’t looking.  It sneaks up on you, because I’d swear just yesterday he was a tiny baby, cuddled in my arms, just like Teagan.  Then WHAM-O, he’s 11.  Without a doubt, he makes me feel old.  Can’t wait for his party!

Ok, I gotta tell you guys about taking these pics.  I decided early yesterday morning was a good time to go and we’d likely have the pool to ourselves.  So Ty and I head down to the pool by ourselves and I’m taking a few shots.  I couldn’t get close enough to him for the splash shotin the great big pool with my 24-70 mm zoom, so even though I’m fully dressed, I wade in a bit to try and get closer (the pool slopes for the kiddies).  Let’s just say by the time we were done, I was soaked.  No towel, had to drive home dripping.  Thankfully I don’t think anyone saw the crazy lady, fully dressed, in the pool, with her camera.  HA!