I’ve been thinking a lot about how Teagan has changed our family.  A baby changes so much.  You individually, as a family, a baby changes your marriage, but it also changes your house.  I decided I really wanted to capture that, as these early days of a having a newborn are going by way to fast.  Soon he’ll be smiling, cooing, then sitting up and even walking.  All before we know it, and way before I’m ready.  He’s our last, so it makes it a little bittersweet. 

The last, of all the first times. 

And there are so many little things I want to remember.  Not just how little he is, or how he’s changed all the relationships in our house…but also how he’s changed our actual house.  All the things that say "a new baby lives here".  I know someday my house will be clean again, well organized and without toys and baby stuff strewn from one end to the other.  But I have a feeling when that day gets here, its these days that we’re living right now, that I’m going to miss the most.


The little things:  closets full of tiny clothes; freezer stocked with breastmilk; a favorite nursing spot; stacks of blankies; kitchen cabinets filled with bottles; binkies; ode to a germ-o-phobe; heavy duty laundry duty; endless diapers; decorating little spaces; nightstands reveal just how your night was; the one way walkie talkie; little clothes all stacked up; more toiletries than the mommy; loads of clothes; wash, rinse, repeat.