Mar 27, 2008
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He’s almost ready.  I can feel it.  His face lights up when we talk to him, but that first real smile is being elusive.  He wants to smile…he told me so himself in one of our super secret talks about giving those first smiles to only mommy.  Don’t think I’m selfish, I’ve earned it.  Nine months of tossing my cookies, insomnia, stretch marks, contractions for weeks.  Yup, I’m campaigning for that first little grin and am totally prepared for it to melt my heart.





We’re off to soccer practice and then a dinner picnic at the park.  Gotta love spring!

  • Oh my goodness! He IS almost there.. I cannot believe how much his features are constantly changing! I really see a lot of Taryn in the 3rd pic. Love em! =)

  • Photo #3 you can see it peeking around from his cheeks!!! And in his eyes! He’s so precious!! I remember Nathan ‘wanting’ to smile for so long, and now it’s the best thing ever, because he smiles all the time!!! I love your work and enjoy your blog so much!! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us!

  • Erin

    Hope you get your smile soon! Once our little girl figured it out (and I got the first one!!), she couldn’t stop:)