Just a reminder that my mentoring program will stop taking new members as of February 1, 2012.  The big question I’ve been getting is will the mentoring and the forum continue??  YES!  The website has said that the forum will end on February 1st but I knew I just couldn’t do that.  All current members as of February 1 will still have access to the forum and mentoring.  I have zero intentions of ending our group, I absolutely love it and I will stay until they kick me out!  We have a fantastic group and talk about everything photography related including technical aspects, marketing, pricing, client relations, birth photography challenges, editing and much more!  So why are we no longer taking new members?  Well, Jason and I sat down several months ago to find ways to simplify some things around here.  I needed to take a few things off my plate and this is an easy answer.  We also hired an assistant, Vanessa, to help out with birthphotographers.com.  As much as I love to simplify, when it comes right down to it, I can’t give up my awesome group in the forum, so I will definitely still be there with no end in sight!  If you’d like to join us before membership ends, you can fill out the application HERE.