Little T got sick right before our Easter party on Saturday.  She was at Ty’s soccer game when the fever hit that morning.  The fever keeps spiking up and we’re keeping an eye on her.  She’s my child that rarely gets sick, so when she does, it scares her.  And we were all disappointed to cancel the egg hunt.  All day she kept saying "where my friends?"  πŸ™  With T being sick, it just made it that much harder to not be at my mom’s house with the rest of the family enjoying the annual eggstravaganza.

Hanging out on the couch watching Dora Sunday afternoon…


And what do you eat for breakfast when you’re sick?  Jello, of course!


Thankfully, Jason’s brother, parents and grandparents still made the trip and we had a nice visit.  It was fun to introduce Teagan to Jason’s dad and grandparents for the first time and watch them fall in love with him.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.