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Feb 28, 2008
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Taryn has decided it’s the perfect time to potty train.  This morning she decided to kick it into high gear.  While I’m proud of her, the selfish, oh so tired and exhausted mommy in me is screaming "Seriously?!  Now!?"  We have put it off for awhile for several reasons.  First, she wasn’t showing all the signs of being ready.  Second, our pediatrician recommended we wait until things settled in around our house due to the move and arrival of the new baby.  I guess she doesn’t need any more time to settle in, but I sure feel like I do.  Oh well, I guess I can focus on the silver lining, I’ll have less diapers to change….that’ll get me through it….right????

  • I feel your reasons for putting it off! I’m due in May, and our little one turned 2 last week. I just don’t feel like pushing it because I think she’ll just revert back. We’re working on it a little, but I doubt we’ll be finished by May. Anyway, good luck with it! Less diapers to change is a great thing! 🙂

  • Yes crazy timing, but GOOOoooooo Taryn!! (haha.. um.. literally?! lol) Such a big girl! =)

  • I have a fear my little guy will start doing that too! Give me a month buddy…let the craziness pass;) I can just see me feeding an infant while keeping watch in the bathroom…life’s never boring!

    Good luck!