This morning while Little T and I were brushing our teeth…..

Taryn:  While eyeballing my belly……"Our baby get bigger and bigger every day Momma"
Me:  "Yup T, you’re right, my belly is getting bigger."
Taryn:  "It could POP Momma."
Me:  Laughing outloud….."do you think so?!"
Taryn:  "Dat not funny Momma, it could."

LOL….she’s not so good for my ego πŸ˜‰

And Ty must have baby names on the brain because last weekend we had the TV set to the seasonal music channel.  As he was walking by he says…..

"Mom, who would name their baby STEAMROLLER?!?" 
Confused I said "what?" 
Someone named their kid "Mannheim Steamroller"….why would you do that to a kid?!


Once I explained it to him he didn’t think it was so funny, especially when I continued to laugh at him!