Taryn has been in rare form here lately.  She’s super excited about her new room and with good reason, there’s been a lot of "build up" around it.  We have been shopping over the last several weekends for a new twin size big girl bed.  But it’s not just a big girl bed, is her self-proclaimed "super duper princess bed".  And at some point she decided her new bed has a swing and a slide (it doesn’t) but boy is she in for a let down when she realizes her new bed is actually a bed and not a playground.  Add all of this into the fact that she’s moving into Ty’s old room, she’s psyched about it all. 

I made the big mistake of trying to involve Taryn in making
decisions for her new space. I wanted to go with a creamy buttery
yellow, so that’s what we bought. Get home, put a big square of it up on the wall and ask her if she likes it,
"No, its not pink. I wanted pink."  Very matter of fact.  No matter how much we tried to convince her, she won’t let it go, its ALL she
talks about. So what do I do?  I carry my happy butt back to Lowes to buy pink
paint….ugh.  I really wanted something neutral for her room, for purely selfish reasons, the room gets great light and I use it a lot to photograph the kids.  Picturing Teagan against a pink wall a lot, not so much.  But, I wanted her to love her room, so pink it is.  And my normally, painfully shy, slow to warm, toddler told every single solitary person within earshot that she was at Lowes to buy pink paint.  You’d have thought Lowes was Disney Land, she was that excited.



So after a weekend of painting the entire room pink, we take her into the room to see it and do you know what she says?  "Daddy, you didn’t paint the sky PINK."  Yup, daddy didn’t paint the ceiling pink….poor daddy….he stayed up until 2 am to finish it and that’s all he got!

When we got up this morning I told her she could move a few things into her new room.  The very first thing she wanted to move was her bookcase….then her chair.  Priorities.