We got to meet and hang out with some amazing new friends today.  And the best part is that they will soon be our neighbors!  Alli and I became friends through email after she read on the blog we were moving to Austin, they were too!  We kept in touch over the months sharing our house hunting trips, having our old homes on the market, and all the little details that going into relocating.  It turns out when they started house hunting, they fell in love with our neighborhood just like we did.  In a few weeks they’ll make their move and we’ll have some wonderful neighbors, I can’t wait!

Little Ms. Lily stole my heart when she spotted my camera, walked over to me, sat down and posed!  Yes, Lily and I are going to get along wonderfully!!  Taryn thought the world of her too and put herself to sleep this afternoon chatting about all things Lily =)  I foresee lots of play dates, walks with their mommies in the neighborhood, swinging at the park and pool time for these two girls.