someone else picks up my camera and snaps a little gem for me to find when downloading…


Jase took this today.  During Ty’s soccer game.  One of the other players family beings their cute little pug puppy sometimes.  Well Taryn is in love.  Big time.   And the feeling is mutual.   As soon as they see one another Taryn gets giddy and assumes her position (seen above) and Addison pounces into her lap and gives her bunches of puppy kisses.  This makes T so happy and giggly.   And for a split second, it makes me want to get her a puppy.  But only a split second because then reality sinks in that I have enough dirty, unruly, whiney, unpotty trained mouths to feed living in my house.  😉  Thank God for logical thinking because I went to mush when I opened this little surprise.

Oh who am I kidding anyway?  The child loves animals.  Just like her daddy.  And I better get ready for her to bring home every stray she finds, its just a matter of time.