Jude reading a magazine on the ferry ride - before editing servicesJude reading a magazine on the ferry ride - after editing services
Taryn standing in front of the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle - before editing servicesTaryn standing in front of the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle - after editing services

I offer professional editing services for other professional photographers.  Behind in editing?  Need a full session culled and hand edited in a short time?  Let me do it!  I do not charge extra for culling, just send me your raw files and tell me how many images you need to present to your client.  Or you can request that I edit as many as possible from those you send over, the choice is yours.

I also offer editing services for those who are not professionals!  Do you have a bunch of vacation or holiday photos on that camera card that need some love?  Do you have a favorite photograph that hasn’t reached its full potential? A snapshot of your kids or that one image you just can’t get right in Photoshop?  Maybe the skin tone is just a little off, or you need a little help with cloning an item out of the background? I can help!

Editing services start at only $1 per image with a $10 minimum and include some of the following adjustments:

  • White balance
  • Exposure
  • Color
  • Contrast
  • Blemish touch ups
  • Cloning of distracting elements
  • Burning
  • Crops
  • Sharpening
  • Finishing touches to give your photo that little something extra.
  • Black & white conversion – Additional $1 per image.

Please note that disclosure of editing steps are not included with this service.  Braces removal and glasses glare are not included.  If an edit request is outside of my skill range the client will be refunded in full before work is started on the image.  Once images are provided to the client all sales are final.  The image you submit should be in either RAW format or the largest *unedited* version you have. JPG’s are ok as long as you send the original, unedited, file.

jonah sleeping on the floor under a blanket - before editing servicesjonah sleeping on the floor under a blanket - after editing services
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