Last school year Taryn struggled with creative writing.  Don’t you know the very day our school year ended she cut up a bunch of blank pages and wrote her first chapter book.  Privately, I wanted to throw my arms up in the air and say “Really?!”  She wasn’t loving the method during the year and once she was free to just do her thing, she loved it.  And thrived.  Instead of throwing up my arms I was just happy to see her figuring it out her way.  And she has multiple, wonderful, books she wrote on her break.  We are encouraging her to publish the first one on blurb (and maybe even Amazon?) and she started working on that this weekend.  I’m so excited to see it in book form instead of on scraps of paper.  The story and illustrations are so, so, good.  And, of course, when Taryn dives in to something, Duder isn’t too far behind.  He’s currently on his second book and they are really good too.  Lots and lots of writing, drafting, editing, drawing, creating going on around here.