The big kids are off at enrichment and volunteering on Wednesdays, so it’s just me and this little guy.  We usually run a few errands, have lunch, play and take a short nap before carpool.  The blessing is in the one on one time with just him.  The hard part is a short, interrupted nap.  He fussed at me for rousing him today.  I usually take the opportunity to take a few sleeping photos of him, since I’ll have to wake him up anyway.  May as well do it with my shutter.  A short nap today meant tons of time enjoying the beautiful weather outside after carpool.  I spent 2 hours raking my moms backyard while the kids explored, played and got dirty.  We literally had to wipe all the dirt off Jonah’s face before we sat down to dinner.  I love days like that.  It was wonderful and just what we all needed.  Tonight, they will fall asleep fast, another huge blessing.  Sleeping babes are the best.