They are.  Look at his little hand on her arm…and her arm cuddling over his belly.  Love em. 


He laughed out loud today for the first time.  First with Jase, he had to work for it, apparently, imitating a speedboat is pretty darn funny.  But right before bed tonight, Taryn was playing with the sock monkey, Teagan took one look at her and belted out a big old belly laugh.  So big, his head fell backwards in laughter.  Pure joy, so stinkin cute.  And T’s face lit up from the inside out.  I loved her reaction as much as I enjoyed hearing his big belly laugh.

We spent our day hanging out with Alli, Mike & Lily at a block party.  Fun times, nice neighbors, great food and the kiddos had a blast with the water balloons.  And by kiddos I mean the neighborhood kids and Mike 😉  Thanks for a great time you guys!

Oh, and you know what else we did today?  We hit REFRESH eight thousand six hundred and forty two times.  The Nest didn’t announce the winner of the bump contest as promised today, likely due to the holiday.   Guess we’ll hope for an announcement tomorrow!