Mar 04, 2008
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She loves books more than anyone I know.  Now Ty, he loves to read, but Taryn, she loves books.  Big, little, doesn’t matter, she just loves books.  She sorts them, carries them around from room to room and will stop anywhere it suits her, to take her time, and look through them.


I’ve wanted to catch a shot like this for awhile now….I saw one similar to it awhile back, but can’t remember where I saw it or who took it, but I was inspired.  I tried out a new action on it, different for me, but do you think it works?

  • Hey Lyndsay, love this shot! Nice conversion too. I remember seeing a shot similar in idea on 2Peas ages ago… Maybe that’s where you remember it from. It was of a little boy. I too have been meaning to capture something like it.

  • i like this very much! very cute shot and the conversion totally works on it.

  • LOVE this image! It is such a cute pose! My little ones love to read (or pretend to read and carry books around!) as well and I can just see my little guy in this same pose! Keep up the wonderful work! You are such an inspiration!

  • Heather

    Love it!! I love how her big toes are touching the ground while the others are in the air. I think the action is amazing in this shot 🙂

  • Love this!… Just wait until she’s reading to you in kindgarten.. It’s amazing to hear my 6 year old daughter now reading =)

  • Love this! I think it totally works. Was the shot you’re talking about by toddlertoes on flickr? It’s one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES EVER. Check it out…

  • Erin – that’s not it but I bet the shot I saw was inspired by hers….simply amazing! Wow – I’ve never heard of her before but her stuff is amazing!!!! Thanks for the link!