Yesterday was better.  We had to go over a bunch of stuff that was done incorrectly with the house, but they fixed it.  Mostly the trim and some issues in Ty’s room, but it now looks great.  All that’s left in his room are installing the closet doors and then Jase needs to paint one wall.  I can’t wait to have it all put together in there, it’s going to looks great with all his new furniture!!  I am hopeful it will be done tonight or maybe tomorrow – yay!!

Taryn’s room is a work in progress.  Let’s just say she’s less than thrilled with having people in her room.  She keeps yelling at them "DAT TARYN’S!"  Her room still needs trim, closet doors and some paint touch ups before we can move all the furniture back in.  I’ve been trying to keep her out of there, which she just doesn’t get because she’s always in there.  She’s been sleeping in our room and Ty’s been sleeping on the couch. 

I’m sure we won’t meet the Friday completion date as I already know our tile backsplash in the kitchen won’t go in until Saturday.  But for now, progress is going good.  Today they are working on Ty’s room, Taryn’s room and the old office.  We decided we needed to show it as a bedroom instead of a photography storage room / office.  I didn’t want to purchase a bunch of new furniture we don’t need so we’ll just put Taryn’s old crib up in there with a simple white dresser.  We’re calling it our "mock nursery".  I’m hopeful the house will sell before we actually have to use it as a nursery though.

I can’t wait for work to start on our master bedroom.  We ordered a new bedroom set from Crate & Barrel and it arrives tomorrow, can’t wait!!!

I haven’t picked up the camera much, I’m just feeling really uninspired and in a rut 🙁  I’m sure all this work on the house combined with getting-worse-by-the-day morning sickness is what has sucked all the creativity right out of me.  At the least I’ll post some pics of the house as each room is finished!

Thanks for checking in on us and for the oh so funny links in my last post – good stuff – thanks for the laughs!!

Oh, and I’m SOOOOO jealous of Jase & Ty, they went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night.  I hear it rocked.